What We Do

Successfully running any Cosmetics and Ayurvedic Beauty Brand involves two very basic core processes, Production and Marketing. Many people assume that developing Cosmetics and Ayurvedic Beauty Products is straightforward and can easily be managed by single company, however that is not the case.

The process of developing efficient product formula; having production facility; establishing statutory as well as regulatory compliances; finding reliable suppliers; selecting quality ingredients and packaging; hiring & training employees; fighting through technical issues; keeping up with current Good Manufacturing Practices; promoting the products in the right market segments and continuously improving the products to address the expectations of end users, would be and expensive challenge for single company to handle.

The cost-effective practice is, one company focusing fully on marketing & promoting the products, while other taking care of the manufacturing part. The good part of hiring a Contract Manufacturer or Third-Party Manufacturer or Private Label Manufacturer is that you are outsourcing this process in a cost-efficient way while maintaining your focus on marketing & promoting your brands. Quality and trust remain just as important for business-to-business partnerships, so choosing the best & competent manufacturer is crucial.

This further comes up with two popular practices for the Cosmetics and Ayurvedic Beauty Products, commonly known as, Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Manufacturing. Zymo Cosmetics is competent enough to offer both kind of services to its clients.