Cosmetics Third Party Manufacturing

The global cosmetic industry is thriving from the last few decades. In order to meet the increasing demand from people throughout the world, many big names in the cosmetic industries outsource the manufacturing work to small to medium size cosmetic manufacturing companies. One such company is ours. Zymo Cosmetics is an active cosmetics third party manufacturing service provider. The company has signed third party manufacturing agreement with several cosmetic companies. Our professionals provide solutions in skin care, hair care and personal care products. They utilizes the said material, technology in accurate manner to create a range that includes effective products of consistent quality. All products produced are passed to quality checks. Once approved by QC team, the products are packaged in-house. Under cosmetics third party manufacturing service, we create products of private labels.

Key Points:

1) Cosmetic companies can select us as their beauty business partner.
2) We carry out product development & packaging, tests & validation, manufacture & logistics tasks all by ourselves.
3) We together with a cosmetic company can create a strong brand.
4) We work to provide beauty solutions to the target audience of our partners.